Africa Gas Forum Partners

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The Global Gas Centre (GGC) is a non-profit organization, based in Geneva, dedicated to executives and experts of natural gas companies who want to share views and best practices on a neutral, independent and inclusive organization. The GGC is a unique platform with the objective of promoting sustainable energy with a particular focus on issues related to the natural gas sector.

The GGC and the World Energy Council (WEC) are working together and align their activities in a number of areas.

SAOGA is a member based Industry Body dedicated to promoting the development of South African-based industry supplying products and services to the upstream oil & gas sector.

It operates as a partnership between the public and private sectors, receiving public funding to carry out a range of industry development activities and working to promote the interests of a membership base of about 250 private sector companies which include global oilfield service companies with bases in South Africa, oilfield-related ship/rig repair and maintenance, logistics companies, and a diversified base of engineering and service companies that supply equipment and specialized services to the industry.

SAOGA’s primary purpose is to grow and access Oil & Gas services opportunities in Southern Africa that drive economic opportunity and benefit members in the Upstream and Midstream oil and gas services value chain.

As a primary facilitator, we provide a gateway to Oil and Gas Services platform to:

  • Advocate for & attract investment & growth.
  • Identify and timeline O&G services opportunities and connect these to members.
  • Shape and drive value, policy & develop capacity, jobs and skills.
  • Drive investors and members’ interests ito policy and matchmaking.
  • Provide a two-way conduit to policy makers from an informed member base.
  • Educate stakeholders & input to developing policy in a new industry.
  • Map and develop skills, services, capacity readiness.
  • Collate, review & share knowledge and local understanding, data and contacts.
  • Leverage government, institutional and private business resources and projects.