Africa Gas Forum - 18th February 2019

The 4th Africa Gas Forum will be taking place on 18th February 2019 at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg and is aligned as an official side event of the annual Africa Energy Indaba.

Africa’s oil and gas potential will grow significantly over the next two decades, driven by population growth, urbanization and the emergence of a wealthier middle class on the continent.  Africa is endowed with natural resources that are changing the global energy landscape with six of the top 10 global discoveries in the oil and gas sector in 2013 being made in Africa.

In the past, economic and political uncertainty coupled with fluctuating energy prices and weak infrastructure hampering growth, but in recent years the commodities boom and increased investment in energy infrastructure have seen a resurgence of growth.   Excitement remains around large gas finds in Mozambique, Kenya and Tanzania, which has sparked a gas boom on the east coast. Developing these discoveries requires foreign investment that will be expensive and require a long-term commitment.   The emergence of Shale Gas and with the commissioning of the Strategic Environmental Assessment of Shale Gas by the South African Government, leads the way for Shale Gas exploration on the continent.

There is no doubt that Africa remains open for exploration by oil and gas companies.  Although finding oil and gas in Africa can still be low cost, it needs financial investment and long-term commitment. African governments that can manage the business and regulatory processes have a better chance of attracting this investment.

The potential is evident, but today’s leading oil and gas executives in Africa must stay on top of emerging challenges and opportunities to remain competitive in the surging industry.

The Africa Gas Forum has been created to ensure a balance between country specific opportunities as well as common issues that affect the whole region such as exploration activity, licensing rounds, development plans and the move to gas, new tax regimes, regional infrastructure projects, pipelines, LNG terminals, security, local content initiatives, investment requirements and other key upcoming projects

Africa Gas Forum: 18 February 2019 – Sandton Convention Centre –  R4,850.00 excl VAT