Strategic Partners

The South African National Energy Association (SANEA) has as its vision “Energy People Working Together”. This vision is exercised through the active participation of some 400 SANEA members. SANEA is active in the energy sector in South Africa and the “SANEA” Brand is known in all energy spheres. The SANEA membership consists of organizations and individuals with an interest in the broad energy sector, such as Eskom, BHP Billiton, Exxaro Resources, Sasol, NERSA, Engen, Accenture, University of Cape Town Business School and the likes. SANEA is the South African member committee of the World Energy Council (WEC) and SANEA’s Chair, Brian Statham, is an elected officer of the WEC. WEC is the foremost global multi-energy organisation in the world today. WEC has Member Committees in over 90 countries, including most of the largest energy-producing and energy consuming countries.

The World Energy Council is the foremost multi-energy organisation in the world today. WEC has Member Committees in nearly 100 countries, including most of the largest energy- producing and energy consuming countries. Established in 1923; the organisation covers all types of energy, including coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, and renewables.

The World Energy Council’s network is active in over 90 countries and is made up of over 3000 organisations:

The NEPAD Planning and Coordination Agency (NPCA) or NEPAD Agency is the African Union’s institutional vehicle for implementing its development agenda and it is proud togive its endorsement to Africa’s premiere energy conference and exhibition.

The Agency offers a practical and technical focus on the NEPAD goals and important development projects across the continent. As such, the Agency is proud to add its backing to the Africa Energy Indaba, which is in line with its objectives of strengthening regional and continental integration to achieve sustainable economic growth and development.


The South African Electrotechnical Export Council (SAEEC) is a nonprofit organisation, Public-Private Partnership between South African business and the Department of Trade and Industry. Our members are South African registered companies in Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology.


  • Facilitate the export growth for our members
  • Act as a gateway for companies to identify South African suppliers and partners
  • Coordinate the export marketing efforts of the sector
  • Provide a link to Government
  • Promote the South African Electrotechnical sector internationally