Press Releases

52Disruptive Forces Set to Change Power Utility Business Models2018-12-11
51Alleviating Energy Storage Concerns2018-12-03
50Challenges facing the African Energy Sector2018-11-26
49The Role of Renewable Power in Meeting Africa’s Energy Needs
48Africa Power Vision to Form Integral Component of Africa Energy Indaba 20192018-11-01
47Africa Youth Energy Innovators recognised at AEI 2018
46Global and National Energy Experts prepare to attend the 10th AEI 2018
45The growing importance of Gas in the Africa Mix, latest market trends
44Innovation and blockchain tech high on the agenda at the 10th Africa Energy Indaba
43Key future trends and the way forward for women in the Africa Energy sector
42Off-grid solar set to boom in Africa
41African Energy Indaba celebrates its 10th edition in 2018
40Africa Energy Indaba announces a strategic partnership
39Renewable energy, critical to meeting Africa's energy needs by 20402017-11-29
38The new age of digitalisation and the impact on the African energy sector2017-11-14
37Africa Energy Indaba To Discuss Key Issues Facing The African Energy Sector2017-10-09
36Africa Youth Energy Innovators Recognised At 2017 Africa Energy Indaba2017-02-23
35EWSTA Unveils Renewables Energy Drive Project To The Public At Africa Energy Indaba2017-02-22
34Africa Gas Forum seeks to unlock new business opportunities for African investors2017-02-14
33Global and national energy experts prepare to attend the annual Africa Energy Indaba 2017 following #AfricaAtDavos2017-02-06
32Africa Energy Indaba 2017 brings together Africa’s leading women in energy2017-01-30
31Africa Energy Indaba 2017 launches Africa Utility Forum to boost growth of energy projects in the region2017-01-30
30One Month To Go To Africa Energy Indaba With Exciting Side Events2017-01-16
29NEPAD and the Implementation of Africa’s Renewable Energy Projects Initiative2016-11-13
28What does the transformation of global power markets mean for SA’s renewables industry?2016-10-31
27Overcoming Africa’s Power Sector Challenges2016-10-06
26Africa Energy Indaba continues its growth trajectory2016-03-03
25Africa Energy Indaba kicks off next week with 50 Senior Energy Luminaries2016-02-11
24World Energy Council to launch Shale Gas Report at the Africa Gas Forum next week2016-02-08
23Nuclear must form part of SA’s energy mix to meet growing demand2016-01-28
22VIPs attending Africa Energy Indaba attest to big energy opportunities on the continent2016-01-21
21Norton Rose Fulbright sponsors inaugural Africa Energy Indaba Gas Forum2015-12-18
20Arnold Chatz Cars and Africa Energy Indaba pave the way in eco-friendly motoring2015-12-14
19Africa Energy Indaba 2016 broadens its offering as energy issues take spotlight in Africa's growth path plans2015-10-07
18Africa’s critical energy infrastructure in the spotlight2015-09-06
17AEI 2015 exceeds all expectations2015-03-09
16SA Energy Ministers, Energy Luminaries & VIPs at Africa Energy Indaba 20152015-02-12
15Rolling blackouts across South Africa to take centre stage at the Africa Energy Indaba2015-02-12
14First-ever Women in Energy conference will pave the way for future African energy leaders2015-02-05
13The vision for Africa’s critical energy infrastructure2015-02-01
12World Energy Council report highlights the critical global and regional energy issues2015-01-27
11Global and national energy experts are preparing to attend the annual Africa Energy Indaba 20152015-01-23
10As rolling blackouts loom, world energy leaders to congregate in SA2015-01-15
9Energy Decision makers and VIPs Confirm Attendance2015-01-06
8Business Matchmaking release2014-11-25
7WEC Year of Africa2014-11-18
6AEI Ambassadors Briefing2014-12-05
5AEI press release 22 Oct 20142014-10-22
4Africa Energy Indaba reveals exciting energy opportunities at ambassador’s briefing2014-09-26
3Africa Energy Indaba 2015 agenda cuts to the heart of Africa’s energy future2014-09-09
2Africa Energy Indaba 2015 set to take Africa’s energy solutions to the next level2014-08-25
1Africa Energy Indaba ups the ante with new side events for 20152014-08-21