Recent Press Releases


2019-02-05      Innovative off-grid and mini-grid technologies to be presented at the Africa Energy Indaba 2019


2019-02-04      Trends Creating Opportunities in Africa’s Energy Sector


2019-01-28      The Impact of Digitalisation and IoT on the African Energy Sector


2019-01-24      The Top five African Youth Innovators nominated


2019-01-21      The role of private sector participation in Sub-Saharan Africa’s energy sector


2019-01-09      Africa’s Increasing Demand for Energy


2018-12-11       Disruptive Forces Set to Change Power Utility Business Models


2018-12-03      Alleviating Energy Storage Concerns


2018-11-26      Challenges facing the African Energy Sector


2018-11-12       The Role of Renewable Power in Meeting Africa’s Energy Needs


2018-11-01       Africa Power Vision to Form Integral Component of Africa Energy Indaba 2019


2018-02-20     Africa Youth Energy Innovators recognised at AEI 2018


2018-02-12      Global and National Energy Experts prepare to attend the 10th AEI 2018 


2018-02-02     The growing importance of Gas in the Africa Mix, latest market trends


2018-01-29      Innovation and blockchain tech high on the agenda at the 10th Africa Energy Indaba


2018-01-22      Key future trends and the way forward for women in the Africa Energy sector


2018-01-10      Off-grid solar set to boom in Africa


2017-12-11       African Energy Indaba celebrates its 10th edition in 2018


2017-11-29       Africa Energy Indaba announces a strategic partnership


2017-11-29       Renewable energy, critical to meeting Africa’s energy needs by 2040


2017-11-14       The new age of digitalisation and the impact on the African energy sector


2017-10-09      Africa Energy Indaba To Discuss Key Issues Facing The African Energy Sector


2017-02-23      Africa Youth Energy Innovators Recognised At 2017 Africa Energy Indaba


2017-02-22      EWSTA Unveils Renewables Energy Drive Project To The Public At Africa Energy Indaba


2017-02-14      Africa Gas Forum seeks to unlock new business opportunities for African investors


2017-02-06     Global and national energy experts prepare to attend the annual Africa Energy Indaba 2017 following #AfricaAtDavos


2017-01-30      Africa Energy Indaba 2017 brings together Africa’s leading women in energy


2017-01-30      Africa Energy Indaba 2017 launches Africa Utility Forum to boost growth of energy projects in the region


2017-01-16      One Month To Go To Africa Energy Indaba With Exciting Side Events